Krishna Prasad Bhusal (KP Bhusal) - Who he is ? and What he does ?

Krishna Prasad Bhusal (more commonly known as KP Bhusal) was born in 1991 in lower middle class family in Arghakhanchi. After completing higher secondary level education in his hometown, he entered Kathmandu valley pursuing his dream of getting success, where he completed his masters' in English Literature. Since his early childhood age, he was passionate on public speaking and writing, Not getting other relevant career options to sharpen his passion he started teaching English in schools and colleges.

Leaving full time teaching profession, now he has been dedicating his life in learning and practicing leadership skill and empowering the youths of next generations to awakening the leader within them. He has simultaneously been researching the leadership principles and applying his knowledge and studies in helping people to lift their life from where they are to where they want to be.  He has been giving "leadership talks" among youth students of colleges inside Kathmandu helping them to realize their hidden potential. He speaks and writes on leadership and inspire people through keynote address. You can contact him as a guest speaker for your next business events or if you are associated with schools/colleges you can invite him for his "leadership talk" in your academia. He has been serving for free, envisioning the generation having good leadership skills in every walks of life.
He also sometimes writes some poems, stories and articles, and now he has been teaching IELTS and English Language for part time and dedicating most of the time researching on leadership.

If you want to contact him simply join him on facebook@ or or email him on or directly dial +977-9847443228. His sense of humour and engaging leadership/motivational talk could help better your business, so why not to give him a call for your next business meeting? Or why not to call him to awaken leadership hidden within your students/employees. Try once, You won't regret. Enjoy !!