Who is KP Bhusal?

KP Bhusal is a growth focused and ROI driven business coach, Nepal's #1 corporate trainer and motivational speaker known internationally for his unorthodox training style and unique content on Leadership, Sales and Success Psychology.

More about me at https://kpbhusal.com/about/

About Me: 🚀

I am a diligent self-starter, avid reader, always looking for opportunities for growth and development. I've spent 10+ years in touching the hearts and minds of corporate executives, and being a catalyst in organizational growth, thanks go to 100+ corporate organizations across Nepal, India and abroad for trusting me as a leadership and sales consultant.

🏆 I am proud for having structured knowledge, hands-on selling and managerial experience and skills acquired during past 15 years on how to effectively lead team and realize organizational vision, how to strategically prospect, empathetically pitch, simplify sales process and close the sales deal faster and more effectively.

My IKIGAI : to make corporate audience happy, energetic and then more productive.

📌 Rewards/Recognition and Past Experience:

💡Awarded by Government of India, Ministry of MSME, for actively promoting sustainable entrepreneurship in the South Asian region.

💡 Awarded as ‘Educational Entrepreneur of the year 2020’ by ‘The Excelligent’ magazine.

💡 Worked with government offices, Int'l non-profits, multinational corporations, commercial banks and nearly hundreds of other corporate organizations across Nepal, India and abroad.

💡 Impacted thousands of lives across Nepal, India and middle east through live sessions and nearly half a million people from more than twenty countries through virtual platforms.

💡 Ranked as Nepal’s #1 motivational speaker, corporate trainer and sales coach (You can go ‘google’ and check it out)

💡 16 years in teaching, training and professional development and 10+ dedicated years in corporate coaching and organizational growth.

💡 One of the most followed and the most sought-after Nepali trainers and speakers across social platforms. (You can just check it out)

🔴If you want to transform your organization – transform your people – to transform your people – invite him and ignite your team🔴