KP Bhusal is a growth focused and ROI driven business coach, Nepal's #1 Corporate trainer and motivational speaker, known internationally for his motivational seminar series on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and success psychology. Bhusal's live events, one-on-one coaching program, training systems and group workshops will help solve your business problems and helps close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Invite him to ignite your team!

KP Bhusal's  Profile 

KP Bhusal is a growth focused and ROI driven business coach, Nepal's #1 corporate trainer and motivational speaker, known internationally for his life changing seminar series on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales and Success Psychology. He is awarded as the best speaker of the year 2020 by The Excelligent Magazine.  

With 10+ years in inspiring people and promoting #EntreLeaderShift, he is now trusted as a business advisor for 100+ corporates across Nepal and abroad. He has touched the hearts and minds and changed the lives of senior and corporate executives across Nepal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Kenya, Dubai and Saudi Arabia with his absolutely unique content and unorthodox training style. If you're a purpose-driven brand looking for an executive-level growth strategist and revolutionary motivational speaker/trainer to help your business thrive, you can make a choice to invite him and to ignite your team! 

To know more about him and his campaign you can visit his social profiles including Facebook, LinkedInTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok. His brief speaker profile can be found on Nepal Speakers' BureauGlocal After School and Speakerhub. You can also find his life journey and news covered in some of the websites and medias including FamemanduWorldtop2BioFamous Lumbini MediaeSabda and

Speaking/Training Topics:

1. Leadership: KP Bhusal offers intensive leadership development programs designed differently for entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, sales people, students and youths. Each version has different leadership frameworks which help participants to be personally and professionally competent individual.

2. Sales: Having real time field experience of sales, KP Bhusal conducts motivational sales training workshops for FMCG, MLM and other B2B/B2C sales organizations. This module helps to enhance willingness and sharpen selling skill of all-level customer facing employees.

3. Motivation: Normally motivation comes as an integral part in each of his training engagements. But, as per the client’s specific need he conducts motivational seminars to enhance willingness toward work, build teamwork, develop positive mindset, and to create strong desire to pursue personal and organizational dream.

4. Students/Teachers Training: Other than leadership programs, he offers teachers’ professional and students’ personal development training. These modules are for all level teachers/students to hone their career as a personally and professionally competent individual and as an inspirational leader.

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